Top 6 Snorkeling Vest You Should Check Out (2019 review)

Snorkeling vest

Snorkeling is an activity best enjoyed with correct gear!

When people talk about having the right equipment, most individuals think about swim fins, masks, etc. What people fail to understand especially beginners is that having an adequate snorkel vest is equally vital as other products. Hence, through this article people will get an insight into the top vests available in 2019. However, before that, one should know about different types of vests a little bit in detail.

Snorkel vests and its types

Most looks like life jackets but has some difference which every expert should know. One of the major differences is that lifejackets help an individual to float but these vests improve a person’s experience underwater. Different types of products available are horsecollar design, hybrid design, and jacket style.

Horsecollar is a standard vest which most people use. It comes with one bladder with a round cut almost in the center through which the head is put. Nylon straps (dual or single) are used for adjusting the snorkel vest.

Hybrid design is currently sold by just one company ScubaPro. This is known as a hybrid structure because it sports a blending of horsecollar style with neoprene vests. It is available in various different sizes. Also, zip on the side makes it easy to wear and take it off.

Lastly, jacket design is similar to horsecollar and worn in the same way. It looks like sleeveless jackets that fit appropriately. Using zipper or straps this vest is fastened and bladders cover an individual’s front torso.

Best snorkeling vest of 2019

Have a look at the best snorkeling vest review 2019 before purchasing one!

Deep Blue Gear Vest

This snorkel vest is an ideal product which offers remarkable safety along with comfort for all adults. It enables one to stay afloat on one’s stomach while keeping head inside water. This item is ideal for preventing a chance of fatigue and energy loss that might occur while trying to be afloat. This is helpful when one desires to spend more time in water.

This inflatable vest offers extra buoyancy and aids in keeping head in water for a longer duration during snorkeling. Also, it is manufactured using nylon (210 deniers) that makes this product quite durable and long-lasting. Snorkeling vest review 2019 mentions secure inflation is achieved using inflation valve needed for snorkeling. Also, to dive freely one can easily deflate it without any hassle.

It comes with an adjustable crotch and waist strap that makes it customizable and fits an individual comfortable. To make this snorkel vest airtight and stay like that, RF welding procedure is used with Weld of 1/4 inch. This product is available in two different sizes, one is standard which is for people in between 90-220 pounds and another XL size for one over 220 pounds. This item weighs a little more than 10.5 ounces.

Deep Blue Gear Snorkel Vest, Adult X-Large, Black
  • Inflatable vest provides extra buoyancy and keeps your head in the water while snorkeling
  • Constructed of durable 210-denier nylon; locking inflation valve for secure inflation for snorkeling and easy deflation for free diving
  • Adjustable waist and crotch strap provide a comfortable, customizable fit
  • RF welding process with 1/4-inch Weld ensures the vest remains air tight
  • Available in two adult sizes -- standard (90 to 220 pounds) and XL (over 220 pounds)

Phantom Aquatics vest

One of the most commonly used items, when people opt for snorkeling, is Phantom Aquatics snorkeling vest. It consists of a quality front zipper along with a waist strap which can be adjusted accordingly. Neoprene is present on the backside for ideal comfort. It comes in two colors red and bright yellow and is created using durable nylon. Also, there is an oral locking inflation tube along with a comfortable edge rolled collar.

Apart from the bright yellow or red color, it also has a reflective tape of 3M for highlighting which makes spotting a person wearing it for a long distance. This feature makes snorkeling for a person quite safe as even if there is any problem others will be able to spot it from far away.

When it comes to buoyancy, this snorkeling vest is adequately competent as it can seal ample air and assist even large-bodied people (individuals over 6 feet height and 200 pounds weight or more) to easily stay afloat without any hassle.

Only drawback which many people have complained about this item is that if a person’s body is more than average, then adjusting straps becomes tricky and its fit is not spot on then. This product weighs a little over 9 ounces.

Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Adult Vest, Yellow
  • Inflatable vest provides extra buoyancy while snorkeling
  • Oral inflation tube allows quick inflation
  • Over-the neck horse collar style
  • Waist and crotch straps keep the vest secure
  • Increased Comfort in the Water

Innovative scuba concepts

This snorkeling vest is manufactured using 210 denier nylon with a urethane coating. This is one of the most durable materials which is used for creating such products. Its design offers buoyancy but still offers great comfort as adjustable straps are easily configured for providing appropriate fitting when suiting up. The inflation tube comes with metal oral screw down system that aids usage underwater.

What makes this product’s demand higher than most is the availability of different sizes! One size is for children who weigh 100 pounds or less. Another is available for adults who weigh between 100 to 180 pounds and lastly a size XL for those who are over 190 but less than 230 pounds. Irrespective of weight, this snorkeling vest performs as it is advertised.

Only issue which people have faced with this product is that sometimes this doesn’t fit one well. Also, straps if not properly adjusted might make this vest go up in an awkward position which makes one uncomfortable. However, once a person adequately fits it, no problems arise furthermore. It is available in three different colors; black, pink and yellow.

Innovative Scuba Snorkel Vest / Jacket for Floatation and Safety, SN0263
  • Vest is designed to add buoyancy while snorkeling without sacrificing comfort
  • Made from durable 210 denier urethane-coated nylon for maximum durability
  • Intuitive screw-down oral inflation mouthpiece (metal) provides in-water inflation
  • Adjustable straps deliver a customized fit, while over the neck style provides comfort
  • Sizes are Kid (up to 100 pounds), Adult (100-190 pounds) and XL (190-230 pounds)

Scubapro Cruiser Skin Dive safety vest

One of the most ideal features of this product is its capacity as well as control for advanced buoyancy. This is due to its dump valve aspect along with oral system inflation tube. According to snorkel vest review 2019, it is not suitable if the water for snorkeling is warm. This is due to neoprene material which is used for crafting it might insulate heat that makes wearing it uncomfortable.

However, people prefer it as it offers vital protection to skin from UV rays from sunlight. Apart from it, there is a pocket that can hold a person’s personal items that one chooses to take with him/her. Also, one can choose to put various size products in these pockets. This vest comes with similar benefits like other remarkable products on this list. The design it offers is something unique which is the reason for its increasing demand these days.

Sizes available ranges from small to large. If an individual is confused about the size, he/she can order a size up for an ideal fit. According to snorkel vest review 2019, its floating design eliminates hard work which is necessary when swimming or dealing with water current. It comes in three colors, yellow, neon yellow and orange.

Scubapro Cruiser Snorkeling Vest, Black/Yellow - Large

Scuba Choice Kids’ vest

Simplicity in design and easy to use makes it an ideal product for kids to use. It consists of features that aids in removing straps easily and stops it from going up. Also, oral inflation tube is simple enough for any kid to use. Since it is a kid’s product, children below 100 pounds are suitable for using this item.

Since it fits correctly, it enables children to enjoy massively and be carefree. Though according to snorkel vest review 2019, various parents are not satisfied completely due to its fit. However, once it is worn properly, no issues arise while snorkeling. What makes this commodity in such demand is its practicality along with easy setup and packing.

This item is available in purple color. It weighs around 7 ounces and its dimension is 3.2″ X 0.4″ X 5.1″

Scuba Choice Kid's Snorkel Vest with Name Box, Purple
  • Fits to children up to 100lbs
  • Removable strap keeps the vest from riding-up when inflated
  • Easy oral inflator

Scuba Choice Adult Vest

According to snorkel vest review 2019, this is for adults who weighs somewhere between 100 to 200 pounds. What makes it remarkable is the neon yellow color which increases its visibility making it quite a safe product to use. This vest is quite favorable for many people as safety is first priority when at sea; hence, they choose this vest as it is easily visible from a long distance and others will notice easily if a person is in some trouble.

The adjustable strap prevents riding up after it is inflated. Also, like most other vests it comes with oral system inflation tube. Also, it can be stored in a very small place in one’s luggage which makes it quite practical. Another reason for people liking this item, the reasonable price at which one can purchase it.

Though this is ideal for adults, children can also use it due to its simply functioning apparatus. Also, if a person weighs more than 200 pounds, opting for the XL size is more than enough for one to use when snorkeling. There have been some size issues before, so when purchasing checking size is a must. However, this is quite the product for people wanting to enjoy snorkeling while on vacation as it has great snorkeling vest review 2019.

Scuba Choice Adult Neon Yellow Snorkel Vest with Name box, X-Large
  • Fits to adults over 200lbs
  • Removable strap keeps the vest from riding-up when inflated
  • High visibility safety color: Neon yellow.
  • Easy oral inflator
  • Snorkel vest size: 27" x 19", neck size: 27"

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