11 best dive sites around the world you need to add to your bucket list

The Galapagos Island

Scuba diving is one of those adventure sports that definitely are not everyone’s cup of tea. From assembling better swimming skills to learning the safety measures involved, it takes up time and efforts. Often times, many people find the idea of scuba diving intriguing and exhilarating but the mere thought of staying underwater can give them cold feet. And that’s completely fine as well.

If you call yourself adventurers, it is mandatory that you try each and every one of the sports, at least once. This helps you conjure your impending fear and get a new outlook at the fear that has been withholding yours from doing things. Scuba diving definitely is one of those few that you need to add to your bucket list. If you have been wondering which dive sites are the best to visit now, we have come up with a list of it for you to look into.


The Great White Fall is one of those dive sites located in Taveuni, Fiji which makes up for one of the best around the world. It has a depth of up to 45 meters and is visible till the 40 meters mark. If you want to experience the exquisiteness of the coral reefs and the vivid marine life, visiting Taveuni is a definite must. The locals of the place actually do contribute to protecting the local reefs which are what ensures to keep it in the best possible condition.

Once you jump in, you can actually swim through a cave and come face to face with a hill of white coral descending into the depths. The batfish and barracuda definitely match up for why this place is a must visit.


If you are a movie geek and have seen the “The Journey to the Mysterious Island”, you would know what place we are talking about. Palau is one of those amazing diving spots that have catered to thousands and thousands of raging enthusiasts over the year around. Apart from the caricature of the beautiful coral reefs, the amazing marine life is what entices the majority of the divers.

It is home to a wide range of marine life, including reef sharks, bigeye jacks, snapper, tuna, green turtles etc. to name just a few. Make sure that you pay extra attention to the walls of the corals to view some of the underrated marine life like that of the mantis shrimp.


When it comes to talking of the best diving sites around the world, it is quite mandatory to include Bali in it. It is that one spot in amidst the Asian countries that have very effectively secured its way up in the list. Indonesia is filled with a wide range of diving sites and Bali is one of those. If you are willing to visit one of the best in the area, the Liberty Wreck is definitely the best in the lot which goes down to a depth of 30 meters.

The black sand simple just adds to the exotic taste of the place. If you are avid marine watchers, you will spot a wide range of such in there. Some of the famous inclusions being surgeonfish, angelfish, and the glowing flashlight fish etc. amidst the other 400 specifics of the fish that can easily be spotted there.

The Galapagos Island

When one mentions Ecuador, the very first thing that comes in consideration is the Galapagos Island. Not just diving, but even snorkeling is quite a popular adventure sport there in the Galapagos Island. Because of the heavy current, it is often considered best suited for people with better training at swimming and diving as well.

Once you have the current under your control, visiting the place definitely makes up for the amazing marine life that you will be surrounded with. Starting from sea lions, manta ray, eels and so many more types of tropical fishes, the entire experience is nothing short of amazing. And the heavy current often directs all the marine life towards you which means that you wouldn’t have to seek them out while diving in Bali.


This is one of the most underrated diving sites around the world, primarily because of the lack of hype around it. The Tiputa Pass is possibly the most popular diving site in Pangiroa which is in French Polynesia. With a depth that goes down till 45 meters, the dive into this site is definitely something that cements into your mind.

Apart from you being able to swim through narrow channels underneath the sea, you can even indulge your time exploring the Shark caves inside. Aside from that, the marine life there constitutes of dolphins, turtles, whales, leopard rays, manta rays etc. While there in Pangiroa, you can even pay Bora Bora a visit for a further place to explore your scuba diving skills.

Sipadan Island

Located in Malaysia, Sipadan Island is quite famous for its scuba diving spots. The best diving spot on the island is the Barracuda Point which is definitely one of the best known in the lot. If you are diving into the heavy sea water for exploring a wide range of marine life, the Barracuda Point in Sipadan Island is the one to be in.

Apart from having clear sea water, the place is also known for its wide range of marine life that resides underneath. Some of the common marine life found there include white tip sharks, leopard sharks, barracuda (coz duh!), parrotfish, sea turtle and so many more.


Belize is not short of a picture-perfect destination. The massive blue sinkhole is perfect for enthusiastic scuba divers because the place is nothing short of amazing. The Great Blue Hole is definitely the best diving spot in Belize and just as the name suggests, this is one of those places that is not for the fainthearted. The unique ecosystem that sustains underneath the depths of the sea water is what fascinates majority of the divers.

If you are there, make sure that you pull your best diving game because the place is destined for advanced divers only. Some of the marine life that you can interact with there includes giant groupers, sharks and even huge tuna fish. If stalagmites and stalactites entice you, you can find that as well.


The Maldives is one of the most popular diving sites don’t necessarily need an introduction. Because of the amazing cost-effective trips of adventure, many people prefer this destination over the other ones. The Maaya Thila in the Maldives is definitely one of the most favoured diving spots around.

The abundance of the white tip sharks around the place has entitled it as the capital. Apart from the white tip shark, it is also home to a wide range of tropical fish as well including one of the exotic ones – the Moorish idol.


Located in the Philippines, Palawan is definitely the diving capital of the country. The Tubbataha is the best diving spot around and is praised for its beautiful clear water and a wide range of marine life which lives quite longer because of the cleanliness that prevails. The country of the Philippines is actually quite famous for its wide range of islands which have several other diving spots too.

Some of the best marine life that you can witness in the Tubbataha includes blue spotted lagoon rays and over 375 variants of fish species underneath. It is also famous for its beautiful coral reefs underneath.


Located in Iceland, Þingvellier is not quite a well-known diving spot around the world but is equally enticing. The depth goes down to 45 meters but the visibility is up to 90 meters which are pretty amazing. The Silfra is one of the most popular diving spots in Þingvellier and is specifically known because of its existence in the borders between the continents of North America and Europe.

There is a huge cave underneath which adds to the thrill and excitement that includes jaw-dropping views as well. The only catch is the fact that the water is extremely cold in the Silfra diving spot because the glaciers are located a mere 20 meters away.

Poor Knights Island

The Poor Knights Island is situated in New Zealand and is an amazing diving spot known for being home to exotic marine life. The Middle Arch is probably the most popular diving spot there and the depth is around 40 meters. The place is home to a wide range of marine life including nudibranchs, scorpion fish and even coralfish. It is considered as one of the best spots for sub-tropical diving.

All that being said, scuba diving requires training and should be done only when one is completely trained and ready to do so. These top dive sites around the world are a small snippet of the thousands other that people go to. If you have been on the lookout for checking off scuba diving off of your bucket list, these top sites can be a good choice to start with.